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iStockPicks: Powerful Automated Stock Picking
iStockPicks is a clean, elegant app for iOS that does technical stock chart analysis for you and recommends stocks to trade - making it easy for you to spot market opportunities!

iStockPicks is available for FREE now in the iOS App Store - download it today!
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Recommendation Engine

iStockPicks analyzes any stocks you enter and recommends which ones to buy or sell - simplifying your stock picking and providing a great starting point for further analysis.
Free to Try

iStockPicks is free to download and try, so you have nothing to lose! It uses "Recommendation Credits" to make its ratings, so once you've tried it you can purchase more credits in the application.
Professional Indicators

iStockPicks uses technical analysis and stock chart data crunching to make its picks - leveraging RSI Indicators, MACD, Bollinger Bands and more.
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