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My IRA: What I’m Investing In (And you can Too)

In a prior post, I detailed what my current 401k investments are. In this post, I’ll tell you the stocks I’m investing in for my IRA, which is a rollover from my prior employment. I have 6 figures to invest and am targeting a reasonably risky light-on-bonds, heavy-on-stocks investment approach that is weighted towards higher dividend yields (I am not even 40 yet so I can handle the risk).

Here’s my holdings. They tend to be financials, or energy companies.

  • AGNC: A well-run mortgage REIT, paying ~12% dividends
  • BKCC: Blackrock, a financial paying a good dividend
  • ECT: A trust paying out 10%+ dividends, backed by sales of oil from a bunch of oil wells
  • HCAP: A business development company
  • HLSS: Does home loan servicing without actually holding the mortgage risk
  • KMP: An oil pipeline MLP paying good dividends
  • MSP: A closed-end fund that pays 6%+ dividends and uses a variety of strategies including selling covered calls to generate income
  • NSC: A top railroad company – as oil shipment needs grow and trains get replaced with more efficient ones, the railroad industry should improve its top and bottom lines.
  • NYCB: A super-stable, 5%+ dividend paying NYC bank.
  • PSEC: oil drilling
  • QRE: Energy producer
  • RSO: Another  business development company
  • SDRL: Drills in deep ocean water for oil – with long-term contracts locked up on the best rigs.
  • TICC: Another  business development company
  • YMLP: An ETF of MLPs so you don’t have to handle Schedule K forms.
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