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Big Changes to Stock TickerPicker: “Insights” Arrive for Investing Tips


Hi dear readers – big changes have come to Stock TickerPicker over the past month and a half and as CEO of MF Software I wanted to write to share the changes and thinking.

Two months ago, we got word that the BATS exchange, from which we got our realtime intraday charting feeds, was planning to dramatically increase prices for all data distributors like ourselves. These price increases, to the tune of thousands of dollars a month, made continuing our realtime subscriptions unaffordable. We reluctantly concluded that we would have to remove the realtime intraday charting subscriptions, leaving a slimmed down delayed charting feature in place instead.

This change, however, was just the push we needed to cause us to accelerate implementation of an exciting new direction for Stock TickerPicker: InsightsInsights are like snack-sized, convenient stock investing newsletters integrated right into Stock TickerPicker. For less money than a cup of coffee, you can get a complete, well thought through investment thesis, a variety of companies that are recommended by that thesis and a convenient pre-populated watchlist to add in TickerPicker. Insights can source from anywhere – popular trends, financial magazines/newspapers, category best picks, and more. We plan to add a few new Insights every month, building out a library of them over time. These Insights will not be highly time sensitive – we plan on roughly yearly updates – and in fact we are already adding insights that are really ebooks on how to invest, including one on options trading.

The removal of realtime intraday charts and the addition of Insights helps highlight the shift towards what we think you use TickerPicker for most – not as a replacement for your brokerage’s realtime feeds, but for an on-the-go tracker of your favorite stocks and a source of new investing ideas. We hope you like the new direction – happy trading!

– Matthew Formica, CEO, MF Software

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