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5 Techniques for Doing Stock Chart Technical Analysis

Here at MF Software, we’ve been writing about investing and technical analysis of stock charts for a while now. But while we’ve explained various tools you can use to understand price movement and charting, we haven’t pulled it all together in one place for someone just getting started. So that’s what this post is for!

First….you may be wondering what technical analysis is anyway? Learn about the difference between Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

Once you’ve settled on doing technical analysis, you’ll need some good charting tools. We recommend our very own Stock TickerPicker iOS app, and you’ll need to learn how to manage charts and add stocks to watchlists to be effective.

Candlestick charts are what you will be doing technical analysis on. TickerPicker has beautiful, accurate charts ready for you to use.

Now that you’re finally setup with the right software, you need to learn 5 techniques for doing Stock Chart Technical Analysis:

With that foundation of knowledge you’ll have a foundation to build on in technical analysis and investing!

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