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Stock TickerPicker Planned Enhancements

chart_512x512Stock TickerPicker is a well-polished stock analysis and tracking tool that has been honed over dozens of updates through the years. It was one of the original stock charting apps on the App Store – we originally launched it as AAPLPicker in September 2008, and expanded/rebranded it as Stock TickerPicker in 2009 – and is now a fairly mature product. But there are still many features we plan on adding and get new suggestions from users regularly. We don’t often comment on the features we see as coming down the road, but we wanted to provide a list of our top areas for future enhancement.

Here’s where you should expect to see updates in 2013 and beyond (besides basic bug fixes):

  • Stock recommendation engine that automatically applies technical analysis to your watchlists and gives buy/sell recommendations
  • Add back in auto-renewable subscriptions so you don’t have to remember to re-subscribe every month
  • Strategy tab that links you to stock recommendation newsletters, pre-filled watchlists (“top resource dividend stocks”), news feeds, and more
  • After hours quotes
  • More technical chart options and indicators
  • Push notifications
  • Charts enhancements to allow annotations and posting to social media
  • Full Portfolio management with position tracking

Please comment if you have other features that are important to you and you’d like to see us work on!

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