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How Real-Time Charts Make You Money

Stock TickerPicker gives you real-time charts as a subscription option. It’s not cheap (because of exchange fees), so you may be wondering how it can help you? Will it have a positive ROI if you spend money on it? Yes it will! And here’s why:

  • First, if you are a day-trader or options trader, real-time stock charts are essential. You can’t be working with old data, and even 15-minute delayed data (like Yahoo and others provide) can cause you to miss important trends and stock movements right as you are getting ready to trade. And real-time price quotes alone aren’t enough – you need to see the movement, so you can apply technical analysis (candlesticks, RSI, etc) on 5-minute increments. You are unlikely to make money over the long haul as a day trader without real-time charts.
  • Second, if you are a “swing” trader or someone who doesn’t trade as often, real-time charts can still help you. Consider: you have decided based on fundamental valuation of a company and technical analysis of recent price trends (support, bollinger bands, etc) that it’s a good time to get into a stock. But when during the day is it good? And do you know that there can be micro-trends within trading days? AAPL for example just the other day started out up $2, then declined $19, and then made nearly all of it back. Looking at the daily charts you’d just see that it finished down marginally- while the real-time intraday charts would have let you time your entry into the stock, saving money.

So whether you are a day trader or a less frequent trader, you need real-time intraday stock charts in your charting/trading platform if you want to capture short-term opportunities and make more money. It’s an investment in your trading strategy – as important as a good broker.

*Stock TickerPicker provides both standard and pro real-time chart subscriptions. Standard subscriptions start at $4.99/month and are usage limited, while Pro subscriptions start at $19.99/month for unlimited usage. Longer subscription terms get you a less expensive price, so check in-app for pricing options.*

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