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Easy Zooming on Stock Charts

Ever wish you could zoom in on a stock chart in Stock TickerPicker to see price movements in more detail? Well in fact you can, and you have been able to for a long time. But the UI might not be obvious to some for doing this – it’s a simple pinch-and-zoom.

So if you’re looking at a stock chart like this:

You’ll see that we’re looking at a 5-day Google chart thanks to the realtime intraday charts subscription. We’d like to zoom in on recent trading to see the price movements in more detail. To do so, simply take two fingers, put them on the screen and do an inverse pinch – spread your fingers – to zoom in on the chart. You’ll see this:
Nice! Now how do you zoom back out again? Simple: double-tap on the screen¬†and you’ll zoom all the way back out, or pinch the screen to just zoom out a little.


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