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Adding a New Stock to TickerPicker’s Watch List

Stock TickerPicker supports nested watch lists so you can easily get updates on how the stock market is trending on any given day, and jump to individual stock charts by tapping on the stock in a watch list. In this post we’ll show you how to add stocks to the watch list.

First, tap the options button in the upper right and press the “Add” button.

This will bring up the add stock/watchlist screen. From here you can either add one or more stock tickers, or create a new nested watch list. We’re going to focus on adding stock tickers.
The key here is that you are adding stock tickers┬ánot stock names. Since this is “Pro” stock analysis software, we assume that you know the tickers for the stocks you care about. So don’t try to enter “Google,” instead enter “GOOG” and so on.
Multiple stocks can be added at once, separated by spaces like so:
And here’s another key: International exchange tickers need to have the appropriate extension added to their ticker. This is typically a .blah┬ástyle extension, using Yahoo! Finance syntax. So to add stocks for the London exchange, for example, you’d add .L as in this example:

The full list of supported exchanges is listed in the help file in the Info tab in Stock TickerPicker. Hope this helps!

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