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10 Best Apps for your iOS Investing Toolkit


These days there are a lot of Finance apps on Apple’s App Store. Unfortunately, many of them have duplicative functionality – there must be dozens of basic budgeting apps, along with dozens of financial news and banking apps. Many of them don’t work well and haven’t been updated in quite some time.

Whether you’ve just bought a new iPhone/iPad or are simply trying to build up your “go-to” collection of the right apps for each facet of investing, it can take a long time to weed through all the mediocre apps to find the ones that are truly powerful and well designed. Here are some of the best:


  1. Market News: My go-to for text news is Bloomberg, with a clean interface and quick updating across a range of news.
  2. Live Market Analysis: For watching talking heads take apart the day’s market action  you can’t get any better than WSJ Live.
  3. Credit Score and Report tracking: Credit Karma is the recognized leader here. It will tell you your current credit score and a breakdown of your credit report for free! I love that I can see my current outstanding loans at a glance.
  4. Earnings Calendar and Prior Meets/Beats: Earnings is a powerful app that tells you which companies are reporting earnings (or you can setup a watchlist), look at charts around earnings announcements, explore earnings report history and more. In short, just about everything you need to be on top of these market moving announcements.
  5. Stock Screens: StockMaster lets you see market movers, highest volume, and screens cut a bunch of other ways too.
  6. Overall Net worth: The gold standard here is Personal Capital, which lets you enter all your financial accounts and then gives you an overview of your net worth, cash flows, and investing advice.
  7. Interest rates & Economic Indicators: Our own IRT will give you the latest Mortgage/Libor/Fed/other rates at a glance, as well as a listing of the day’s economic indicator news.
  8. Mortgage Calculator: Zillow’s Mortgages Calculator app is my personal favorite for quickly estimating the monthly cost of a home given mortgage rates, downpayment, total home loan, etc. It lets you customize the variables and see how much of your total payment goes to insurance, taxes, and more.
  9. Technical Analysis Recommendation Engine: Our own iStockPicks does chart analysis and tells you when technical indicators get triggered for watchlists of your choice.
  10. Powerful charting and Watch Lists: Of course we couldn’t put together a list like this wthout mentioning our flagship app, Stock TickerPicker. It’s intuitive UI and powerful charting features let you easily track investments at a glance.

Some of these apps are free, and some cost money. But if you get these 10 iOS apps on your phone or iPad, you’ll have a well-rounded toolkit of top quality apps to do investing wherever your are.

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