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My IRA: What I’m Investing In (And you can Too)

In a prior post, I detailed what my current 401k investments are. In this post, I’ll tell you the stocks I’m investing in for my IRA, which is a rollover from my prior employment. I have 6 figures to invest and am targeting a reasonably risky light-on-bonds, heavy-on-stocks investment approach that is weighted towards higher dividend yields (I am not even 40 yet so I can handle the risk).… Read the rest

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My 401k: What Stocks I’m Investing In (And you Should Too)

For those getting started investing, either for a retirement account like a 401k or IRA or for non-tax-advantaged accounts, it’s often stressful to figure out what stocks to buy. One approach would say “you can’t beat the market” and therefore you should just buy index funds that match exactly what’s in the market.… Read the rest

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Big Changes to Stock TickerPicker: “Insights” Arrive for Investing Tips


Hi dear readers – big changes have come to Stock TickerPicker over the past month and a half and as CEO of MF Software I wanted to write to share the changes and thinking.

Two months ago, we got word that the BATS exchange, from which we got our realtime intraday charting feeds, was planning to dramatically increase prices for all data distributors like ourselves.… Read the rest

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INTC Poised for a move up

Saw this post from Precision Stock Picks today that says Intel (INTC) is finalizing a new base in preparation for a push up: INTC: Technical Focus

Good reading.… Read the rest

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Stock TickerPicker Planned Enhancements

chart_512x512Stock TickerPicker is a well-polished stock analysis and tracking tool that has been honed over dozens of updates through the years. It was one of the original stock charting apps on the App Store – we originally launched it as AAPLPicker in September 2008, and expanded/rebranded it as Stock TickerPicker in 2009 – and is now a fairly mature product.… Read the rest

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Tech Stock Movement: Do Technicals Say Invest?

Tech Stock Movement: Do Technicals Say Invest?

A variety of high-flying tech stocks have reported earnings or made major announcements recently, with significant stock movement preceding & following the reports. These stocks are probably worth a closer look at the charts with some technical analysis to evaluate whether it’s time to invest.… Read the rest

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The Best Stocks For Investing Through the Fiscal Cliff

IStock 000020775494XSmallThe Fiscal Cliff is Coming

The fiscal cliff is nearly upon us here in the US – and our politicians seem no closer to resolving it. The markets are already getting jittery and it seems clear the economy will take it in the chin if we don’t get a deal soon to save us from the one-two punch of big tax increases and spending cuts that will send us back into recession.… Read the rest

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NYMT Technicals Say Time to Invest

NYMT is a mortgage REIT that pays a very high dividend (16.3% as of this writing) that I have been tracking for a while. It’s stock has been struggling of late, and I’ve been looking for when the right time to invest in this stock would be.… Read the rest

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AAPL vs. INTC: The tale RSI can tell

The RSI (relative strength indicator) can be very helpful in understanding a stock’s momentum and where it is trending. We discussed how to use Stock TickerPicker to evaluate a stock’s RSI indicator here. In this article, we’ll examine a few specific stocks that have been in the news lately.… Read the rest

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Great Weather at WWDC

Here I am mid-way through WWDC week. This conference in San Francisco is where Apple developers gather to learn and code. I have added several enhancements to Stock TickerPicker while here, most significantly sorting of watch lists, and these will be coming soon to a version near you!… Read the rest

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