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10 Must-read Investing & Stock Charting Blogs


The search for good technical analysis and investing blogs about the stock market can be frustrating – there are many “fluff” blogs out there that are short on real insight. Here is a list of 10 must-read “hard data” blogs, mostly showing charting but a few showing some value investing/market analysis.… Read the rest

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My 401k: What Stocks I’m Investing In (And you Should Too)

For those getting started investing, either for a retirement account like a 401k or IRA or for non-tax-advantaged accounts, it’s often stressful to figure out what stocks to buy. One approach would say “you can’t beat the market” and therefore you should just buy index funds that match exactly what’s in the market.… Read the rest

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5 Techniques for Doing Stock Chart Technical Analysis

Here at MF Software, we’ve been writing about investing and technical analysis of stock charts for a while now. But while we’ve explained various tools you can use to understand price movement and charting, we haven’t pulled it all together in one place for someone just getting started.… Read the rest

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Use Investing Styles for Highest Profits: Technical & Fundamental Analysis

What sort of investing style works best? This is a question I’ve seen stock market beginners ask in various forums. I usually start by explaining that there are really two investing styles, and understanding & using both of them can help maximize investing profits.… Read the rest

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5 Trading Insights Stochastic Indicator Charts Give You

Stochastics: What are they Good for? Absolutely…something! 5 things, in fact. Stock TickerPicker has optional stochastic indicator charts that can be enabled and many people prefer this indicator over the MACD or other indicators.

Here’s what stochastics can tell you:

  1. When momentum has changed, before the price has turned.
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Stock TickerPicker Planned Enhancements

chart_512x512Stock TickerPicker is a well-polished stock analysis and tracking tool that has been honed over dozens of updates through the years. It was one of the original stock charting apps on the App Store – we originally launched it as AAPLPicker in September 2008, and expanded/rebranded it as Stock TickerPicker in 2009 – and is now a fairly mature product.… Read the rest

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Tech Stock Movement: Do Technicals Say Invest?

Tech Stock Movement: Do Technicals Say Invest?

A variety of high-flying tech stocks have reported earnings or made major announcements recently, with significant stock movement preceding & following the reports. These stocks are probably worth a closer look at the charts with some technical analysis to evaluate whether it’s time to invest.… Read the rest

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Are you Searching For The Best Stock Broker?

Finding good trading firms can be a hard task and quite confusing given the fact that there are many of them in the current market. This is so especially for stock trading, since there are many companies out there each with their positive and negative sides.… Read the rest

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Invest Now: Find Winning Trades with the MACD indicator


In my prior post on the MACD technical indicator, I explained how to interpret the MACD line, the signal line (a 9-day EMA of the MACD line) and the histogram (showing how far above/below the signal line the MACD line is).… Read the rest

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The Best Stocks For Investing Through the Fiscal Cliff

IStock 000020775494XSmallThe Fiscal Cliff is Coming

The fiscal cliff is nearly upon us here in the US – and our politicians seem no closer to resolving it. The markets are already getting jittery and it seems clear the economy will take it in the chin if we don’t get a deal soon to save us from the one-two punch of big tax increases and spending cuts that will send us back into recession.… Read the rest

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