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Using Trading Volume as an Indicator for Stock Trades

Stock TickerPicker provides a variety of tools for helping you interpret stock price movements, and trading volume is one of them. Let’s look at how it can help you by telling you when a technical signal is more significant or less significant.Read the rest
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Stock Analysis using Moving Averages

One of the fundamental concepts behind technical stock analysis is the idea of support and resistance. Moving averages can help you see this in a stock’s chart by smoothing out the noise and highlighting the support/resistance points. Stock market prices today aren’t enough – moving averages let you see the trend. … Read the rest

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What Are Candlestick Stock Charts?

Stock TickerPicker lets you do technical analysis on stock charts, using candlestick charts to show the price movement of stocks. It’s based on the belief that recent stock price movements give insight into the market that may help indicate what the stock will do next.… Read the rest

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Adding a New Stock to TickerPicker’s Watch List

Stock TickerPicker supports nested watch lists so you can easily get updates on how the stock market is trending on any given day, and jump to individual stock charts by tapping on the stock in a watch list. In this post we’ll show you how to add stocks to the watch list.… Read the rest

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Easy Zooming on Stock Charts

Ever wish you could zoom in on a stock chart in Stock TickerPicker to see price movements in more detail? Well in fact you can, and you have been able to for a long time. But the UI might not be obvious to some for doing this – it’s a simple pinch-and-zoom.… Read the rest

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