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Are you Searching For The Best Stock Broker?

Finding good trading firms can be a hard task and quite confusing given the fact that there are many of them in the current market. This is so especially for stock trading, since there are many companies out there each with their positive and negative sides.… Read the rest

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Invest Now: Find Winning Trades with the MACD indicator


In my prior post on the MACD technical indicator, I explained how to interpret the MACD line, the signal line (a 9-day EMA of the MACD line) and the histogram (showing how far above/below the signal line the MACD line is).… Read the rest

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The Best Stocks For Investing Through the Fiscal Cliff

IStock 000020775494XSmallThe Fiscal Cliff is Coming

The fiscal cliff is nearly upon us here in the US – and our politicians seem no closer to resolving it. The markets are already getting jittery and it seems clear the economy will take it in the chin if we don’t get a deal soon to save us from the one-two punch of big tax increases and spending cuts that will send us back into recession.… Read the rest

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Learn about the MACD Indicator for Profitable Investing

One of the most common technical indicators used to analyze stock charts is the MACD indicator. This indicator shows you a stock’s momentum and stands for “Moving Average Convergence-Divergence.” When doing investing it is always a good idea to look at the MACD chart to help you understand when is the right time to jump in.… Read the rest

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NYMT Technicals Say Time to Invest

NYMT is a mortgage REIT that pays a very high dividend (16.3% as of this writing) that I have been tracking for a while. It’s stock has been struggling of late, and I’ve been looking for when the right time to invest in this stock would be.… Read the rest

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How Real-Time Charts Make You Money

Stock TickerPicker gives you real-time charts as a subscription option. It’s not cheap (because of exchange fees), so you may be wondering how it can help you? Will it have a positive ROI if you spend money on it? Yes it will!… Read the rest

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AAPL vs. INTC: The tale RSI can tell

The RSI (relative strength indicator) can be very helpful in understanding a stock’s momentum and where it is trending. We discussed how to use Stock TickerPicker to evaluate a stock’s RSI indicator here. In this article, we’ll examine a few specific stocks that have been in the news lately.… Read the rest

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Track a Stock’s Momentum with the RSI Indicator

While stock price movements on stock charts alone can tell you a lot about the likely future movement of the stock, additional calculations can yield indicators that bring out hard-to-see information about the underlying trends in the stock’s price movement. One such indicator is the Relative Strength Index or “RSI indicator,” and in this article I’ll explain what it is and how to set it up in Stock TickerPicker.… Read the rest

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How to Spot Stock Trends with Simple Moving Averages: Part II

Everyone wants to be able to understand stock trends. Even if you are doing fundamental analysis, technical analysis of stock movements can be used to pick the right time to get in/out of the stocks you’ve evaluated. Simple Moving Averages (SMAs) are a foundational way that technical analysis gurus can evaluate recent stock movements, to determine those trends.… Read the rest

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How to Spot Stock Trends with Simple Moving Averages

What does recent stock movement activity tell you? Do you know how to read a stock chart and see the trends? Understanding support and resistance points can be critical for understanding when to jump in or out of a stock. Let’s look at how to use Stock TickerPicker to work with Simple Moving Averages (SMAs) to do this.… Read the rest

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