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New features coming

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog or added new features. Part of that is that I started a new position in my “day job” and it has taken a ton of time. Part of it is that I moved from AZ to California.… Read the rest

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1-year & 2-year charts

Finally! After 2 1/2 years on the market, I finally was able to add 1-year and 2-year chart views. This took a rewrite of the engine to allow for multiple price histories to be in memory at once, so that TickerPicker could have daily and weekly data present at once.… Read the rest

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More efficient server capacity

Now that I have lots more users of TickerPicker, I’ve had to start the learning curve of ensuring enough server capacity to handle these users. Recently I got my Ruby contractor to rewrite my Heroku cloud code to use Cedar, enabling multiple instances per dyno.… Read the rest

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Subscriptions finally went live about two weeks ago. Yeah! Subscribers are signing up – and now I am facing the next hurdle: capacity expansion on my servers! More details in a future post.… Read the rest

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Just waiting…

Just waiting…for Apple’s app review process to complete for my new version of Stock TickerPicker with in-app subscriptions! It has been nearly three weeks since I submitted it after WWDC, and I am still waiting… probably because it is my first version with subscriptions.… Read the rest

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WWDC Recap

WWDC was a blast. I got many of my in-app subscription questions answered in the labs, learned a lot about the state of the mobile app industry, and caught up with some old friends. I highly recommend the conference.

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More in-app subscriptions

Talked to DTS today at WWDC in the app labs about in-app autorenewable subscriptions and got a few questions answered. Sort of.

Supposedly expires_date can be relied on as the way of finding out whether the user got “bonus” time for pressing the “allow” personal info button.… Read the rest

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WWDC Stump the Experts

Just got out of the WWDC evening tradition for the past 20 years, “Stump the Experts.” In this event, structured like a game show, the WWDC attendees (“the audience”) try to come up with questions for long-time Apple engineers and luminaries (“the experts”) that the experts can’t answer.… Read the rest

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Getting the hang of in-app subscription code

I think I am finally starting to figure out the iOS in-app subscription APIs. The documentation is relatively confusing and there are no good samples yet so a lot of us on the lists trying to implement this are just figuring it out by brute force.… Read the rest

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Gearing up for WWDC…

This coming Monday starts Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. iOS app developers the world over will gather to discuss the latest iPhone/iPad technology and get tips on building our apps. I leave on Sunday to fly there, with the wife and kids in tow (they are looking forwards to a week in SF).… Read the rest

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